The Pookie Song!

Check out this short song I made up today!







By CCPro Martina

New Igloo Updates!

There are new igloo updates on Club Penguin! Non-Members have received some items including a clock, a chair, a sofa, a mat, and 2 plants to put in their igloo. Plus there is a new catalog. Penguins can buy backgrounds for their igloo. There also is a new edit igloo button.




That’s all from me!


By CCPro Martina

Ultimate Jam Ended!

Sadly, The Ultimate Jam has ended. So, that means Cadence and The Penguin Band won’t be doing a concert at The Snow Forts anymore. But, the next party is an Adventure Party!  Try work out the clues from these three pictures.

These are my guesses.

Picture #1: Looks like a new room or igloo.

Picture #2: A new hairstyle, I bet ya.

Picture #3: Herbert. What could he be up to now?


~Waddle98987 😀

By CCPro Martina